If meters could talk

Horry Electric meters keep track of electricity as it is being used. Members can read their meter each day to keep track or they can sign up for MyUsage.com.

I’ve been accused of everything in the book.  Some say I run when nothing is operating in the house. Others say I make too much noise. Some even believe I run at outrageous speeds.

I’m really a very capable guy. I am one of the most accurate measuring devices in modern times. I work day and night, and I don’t have any type of feelings (good or bad) toward anyone.

I only do my job of keeping track of how much electricity is used. Sometimes because of a loose seal around my face, I get dirty and begin to slow down because of the added weight of the dirt. Once in a while, I get struck by lightning and stop dead.

 I just can’t understand it. My cousin (a gasoline meter) never gets blamed for poor gasoline mileage in the family car. Maybe it is because I’m keeping track of something that you can’t really see or smell.  Plus, I’m registering what is being used and a bill for the services goes out after the fact. My cousin requires payment up front and then you can use the gas he dispenses.  

Some families use more hot water, cook more and entertain more. Some people take showers, others tub baths and some only once a week or less. Other have only one hot meal a day and some have three hot meals, which uses more electricity.

Even if all the appliances in homes were exactly the same, people’s living habits would make the difference. Don’t get me started on bad house wiring – which makes me run at terrific speed.

Sometimes, I’m really depressed. I work tirelessly and I do a good job. Still, I’m the object of a lot of criticism. But, when most people think it over, they usally begin to realize that I do my job well and that electricity is the cheapest servant to be found. 

I’m not a crook at all. I only record the amount of work being done by the electronics plugged in and being used in and around my place.  If you really want to see the impact those things have on me, come out and read me each day.  Better yet, sign up to watch my activity daily at MyUsage.com.  There are detailed instructions on  horryelectric.com.  Some of us out here have technical issues with getting started on the program, but all you have to do is call our owners at Horry Electric and they’ll get us started for you. It’s a free service and you’ll be amazed at the information I can provide to help you conserve energy and save some money.

Questions about how to get signed up to keep an eye on me with MyUsage.com?  Call 843.369.2211.

One response to “If meters could talk

  1. Great article. I hope more people read this.

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