Together We Save – even more!

Looking for know-how on how to lower your energy bills this winter? Horry Electric Cooperative has you covered.
 We’re a part of a nationwide energy-efficiency campaign known as Together We Save. The campaign’s mission is to motivate members to make small changes in behavior that add up to big savings. We’re always looking for ways to bring value to our members and  Together We Save offers an unprecedented collection of resources and advice on simple energy-efficiency steps you can take in your home.

Charged up
We’ve recently recharged the Together We Save campaign with even more tips and ideas to help you save on your energy bills. Where can you go to get access to this money-saving information? Log on to and enter your ZIP code to be redirected to Horry Electric’s customized site, personalized to reflect our rates and region. Now, you’re ready to start saving! offers everything from videos and interactive applications to an energy-savings forum. Use the navigation bar across the top of the landing page to explore the site.
Touchstone Energy Web TV (found under the “Watch and Learn” tab) is a compilation of more than 50 short how-to videos on topics such as lighting, heating/cooling, insulation, and many other energy-efficiency topics. The library recently added dozens of new videos.

Got an old refrigerator in your basement or garage? It’s probably costing you more than you think. Click on the “Energy Savings Applications” tab and scroll down to find out how much you could save by saying goodbye to that old refrigerator. Another new application demonstrates how to save even more with Energy Star-qualified appliances.

Add it up
Take the Energy Savings Home Tour (“Add Up Your Savings” tab) and discover how these small changes add up in a big way. The Home Tour guides you through each room in a typical home and recommends several energy-saving tips in each room. Areas highlighted in yellow prompt you to take various interactive energy-saving steps, demonstrating how these changes can translate to real savings on your utility bill. Live in a manufactured home? A new feature points out more than a dozen ways you can cut energy costs throughout your home.

Helping our members save money during tough times is important to us. It’s just one more way Horry Electric Cooperative is looking out for you. If you’re interested in more information on how to make your home more energy-efficient, let us know.

Additional online resources:

Visit our Online Energy Efficiency Store


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