The rest of the story

There’s more to the story behind the  ‘Biden rolls out home energy efficiency program’ headline that appeared in the November 10 edition of The Sun News.

Mike Couick with Energy Secretary Chu and others for announcement of Home Energy Score

Mike Couick, chief executive officer of The Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina, was in Washington to join Vice President Joe Biden and Energy Secretary Steven Chu for the announcement on Tuesday. South Carolina will be one of ten locations to test Home Energy Score, the standardized tool to evaluate home energy efficiency.

Couick, who was there to showcase a loan program the electric cooperatives are hoping will soon get final congressional approval, believes the standardized reports will give members of electric cooperatives information to make better choices. “A barrier to energy-efficient retrofit choices by consumers is not understanding all the options,” he says, adding that confidence that projects will be done correctly is also a problem.

While details are still being worked out, Couick expects the Home Energy Score will be implemented and evaluated between now and mid-2011.  In the meantime, the electric cooperatives in South Carolina are continuing to work to get congressional approval to provide financing for the innovative loan program that garnered approval by the S.C. Legislature earlier this year.  The end goal of the program is to provide loans to  225,000  electric co-op member  households in South Carolina. The loans would cover energy upgrades such as new insulation and heating and air units.

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