gives you the power

Members who haven’t signed up to watch their daily energy use through are missing out on a powerful energy conservation and money-saving tool.

If you haven’t registered to see your own account, you can review a SAMPLE REPORT shared by a member who has tracked their energy use for a few months.

“It’s a powerful online tool,” says Ricky Lowder, senior marketing representative for Horry Electric. “And it’s easy to get your account started,” he adds, noting that when members access for the first time, they’ll see an option for two different types of accounts.  “You’ll need to skip those two links and go directly to the third option to set up an account.”  All members need to set up an account is their Horry Electric account number,  meter number and an e-mail address.

“If you have any problems getting the account set up, give us a call,” says Lowder.  “Any of our service representatives can help walk you through the process.”

As of today, nearly 700 members of Horry Electric are monitoring their daily use through  Sign up today so you can see what you’re missing!

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