Post no bills: Utility poles are not flag poles or billboards!


Digital illustration by Richard G. Biever

Electric co-op mascot Willie Wiredhand says electric lineworkers still have to climb poles from time to time. But the signs and all the nails on this pole make it dangerous and they need to be removed!

Although seemingly innocent enough, putting signs or other items on a utility pole creates serious safety hazards. Staples, nails and tacks used to hang signs — as well as the signs themselves — pose dangers to electric lineworkers who might have to climb that pole when either restoring power following storms or performing routine maintenance.

Signs or other objects create dangerous obstacles. Co-ops have found things like balloons, flags and even birdhouses and basketball goals attached to utility poles. Also, the nails and tacks left behind can snag utility workers’ boots or puncture safety clothing and gloves, making lineworkers vulnerable to slipping or even electrocution. In addition to being hazardous, tampering with utility poles can be costly. Many places have laws against it with potential fines.

Utility poles sure look attractive for folks wanting to easily hang roadside signs. But next time you see or know of someone who is putting up signs for a yard sale or putting up campaign signs for a candidate, be sure to gently remind them not to use utility poles.

A lineworker’s job is dangerous enough. They work high overhead with live power lines in all kinds of weather to keep your lights on. Please don’t add to that danger.

Horry County Voters Registration and Election Department: ElectionDayGuidelines for political signs, election day and campaign literature. They specifically caution that signs are not permitted to be placed on utility poles of any kind due to the danger it presents to utility workers.

South Carolina Code of Laws: SECTION 57-25-10. Unlawful to display, place or affix posters within right-of-way.

If you see a sign or object attached to a utility pole in the Horry Electric service area, please call us @ 843.369.2211 to report it.  Do not attempt to remove the danger yourself.  If you’ll provide us with the exact location and, if possible, the HEC inventory number on the pole, we’ll take care of the rest.

Willie Wiredhand ©NRECA

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