Get rid of ‘Energy Vampires’

Digital illustration by Richard G. Biever

 In the twilight shadows, you start seeing them lurking everywhere in your home … beady green, red or amber eyes glowing from across the dark room, in the corners and along the baseboard. They are: “ENERGY VAMPIRES.” (dum, dum, DUUUUUMMMM!)

Energy Vampires suck electricity from the outlets of your walls even when no one’s around. Computers, monitors, printers, scanners, big-screen TVs, DVD players, cell phone chargers, game systems … they all are among the undead electronics — those things that still use some electricity when no one is using them. Even when you’ve switched them off, they don’t go off all the way! (Spooky, huh?)

You can do something to protect your electric bill from these Energy Vampires.  

First, plug them into correctly sized switchable power strips. Then make sure you flip the switch on the power strips to “off” when you’ve finished using those electronics for the night. Those little evil eyes quickly will shrivel away — and so will your energy waste.

Who knows? Maybe your vampire zapping trick will save you so much money on your electric bill that you can buy yourself a treat! 

Adapted for Horry Electric use from source: Be ‘Willie’ Wise..WITH ELECTRICITY; a publication of Indiana’s electric cooperative community, featuring Willie Wiredhand.

Willie Wiredhand ©NRECA

To keep your next electric bill from scaring you, take advantage of the tools provided through   

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