We’re celebrating Co-op Month

There are all kinds of cooperatives. As a member of Horry Electric Cooperative, you already know that electric cooperatives are owned by those who buy power and other services from the co-op.

Electric cooperatives were formed in the 1930s when private, investor-owned utility companies refused to serve rural areas that were considered insufficiently profitable, with only a handful of customers per mile of line. So the local farmers and residents banded together to found rural electric cooperatives. Today, electric co-ops own and maintain more than half of the nation’s power lines and provide service to communities large and small across the United States.

Horry Electric Cooperative is one of nearly 1,000 rural electric co-ops across the United States. Together, electric cooperatives in the US operate more than half of the nation’s electric distribution lines and provide electricity to more than 37 million people.

To learn more about cooperatives, visit Go Co-op.

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