Home is where our heart is

 Trustees and employees at Horry Electric Cooperative  want to see the communities we serve succeed. Why? The answer’s simple: we live here, too.

Local people working for local good. That’s the essence of the Seventh Cooperative Principle, “Concern for Community,” one of seven guidelines that governs electric cooperative operations.

First and foremost, Horry Electric strengthens our communities by doing what we do best: providing a safe and reliable supply of electricity at an affordable cost. As our service area grows, so does our distribution system. So it’s easy to see why strengthening the local economy makes sound business sense. Your board of trustees and staff support policies and projects that are good for the communities we serve because what’s good for our community is good for the co-op.

We have strong community roots. Horry Electric has been in business since 1940—we’re not going anywhere. Our business was founded here by members just like you, and we are not going to pull up stakes to pursue greener pastures elsewhere.

Benefits our communities reap from our presence involve more than just providing electric service. We open doors for our young people with scholarship programs and the annual Rural Electric Youth Tour trip to Washington, D.C. We teach children safety through programs in schools and online. We help members identify ways to save money by performing home and business energy analysis.  Touchstone Energy’s Together We Save campaign is another way we help you learn to manage your energy usage. On togetherwesave.com, you can learn how the little changes add up to big savings on your monthly electric bill.

We also strengthen our communities by supporting local charities. We help members and neighbors in need by sponsoring such things as  blood and food drives, the Operation Round Up® program, etc.

Your co-op was formed locally, and it’s still managed by your friends and neighbors. Our employees go out of their way to serve by coaching youth sports teams, volunteering on school committees, participating in church activities, and even serving in various elected offices. Many are co-op members like you, and like you they want to make their communities stronger.

When it comes to Horry Electric Cooperative, community comes first.

That’s the cooperative difference.

NOTE:  This is the seventh and final  in a series of articles about The Cooperative Difference, which highlights the seven guiding principles of cooperatively owned and operated businesses.

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