HEC bills include Current Word this month

 When you open your statement from Horry Electric this month, you’re going to find more than just your bill.  You’re going to find the Current Word.

Current Word  is a newsletter we produce periodically to call attention to specific activities or information our members need to know.  In the spring edition, we usually feature plans for Annual Meeting.   In the edition inserted in electric bills this month, we’re featuring the approaching deadline to claim energy efficiency tax credits; our participation in the 811 Call Before You Dig program, tree planting advice for energy efficiency and National Co-op Month, which will take place in October.   A copy of the newsletter is available online.

In addition to the Current Word, members will find information about the Santee Cooper Mini-Bonds, which will be available October 1 through October 29.  Santee Cooper Mini-Bonds are municipal bonds.  We’re helping Santee Cooper get the word out so people will be tuned in when the 2010 Series M2 Mini- Bond interest rates are announced on October 1. 

After the rates are announced on October 1, Santee Cooper will begin accepting orders for the 2010 Series M2 Mini-Bonds.  Requests for the Information Packet they’re preparing will be accepted October 1 through October 22. For details, visit www.santeecooper.com and select the Mini-Bond Sale link in the Quick links box on the right-hand side of their home page.

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