Card puts value in your wallet

James P. “Pat” Howle – Executive Vice President and CEO

Horry Electric’s commitment to you goes beyond providing safe, reliable and affordable electricity.

We’re always looking for ways to provide value to our members and the communities we serve, especially during tough economic times. Horry Electric’s Co-op Connections member wallet cards and key fobs provide you with a real money-saving tool.

The program connects you with discounts on everything from hotel stays to prescription drugs. A wide variety of merchants throughout our community accept Co-op Connections cards and some of the most recent additions to the list are featured on page 5 of South Carolina Living magazine. As the list grows, we’ll continue to feature the latest additions in South Carolina Living, as well as on our Facebook fan page.

We hope local businesses participating in our Co-op Connections program benefit from increased traffic from Horry Electric members.  Businesses can sign up for the program at no cost. For a complete list of all participating businesses in our area, simply log on to our website,, and follow the Co-op Connections link.

The card also gives you access to online savings at more than 90 national retailers such as Barnes&, Hertz Rental Cars, Best Wester hotels, and You can check out these great national discounts at

One of the most valuable features of the Co-op Connections card is the pharmacy discount. While it’s not insurance, the discount can deliver savings of 10 percent to 60 percent on prescription drugs. The logo and information on the back of your card is recognized at more than 60,000 national, regional and local pharmacies.

The pharmacy discount has been widely used by co-ops that are members of Touchstone Energy Cooperatives, resulting in combined savings of more than $20 million on prescriptions nationwide.

As of June 30, members of South Carolina co-ops have saved $2,898,310.91 since the Co-op Connections card was introduced in 2007. That includes about $180,000 saved by members of Horry Electric Cooperative.

Want to find out more?  Log on to to search for pharmacies in our area honoring the card.  Use code 22203 as the group number under the “Groups” login section. Next, enter your ZIP code.

As a Touchstone Energy Cooperatives member, Horry Electric strives to serve you according to four core values: integrity, accountability, innovation and commitment to community. Our Co-op Connections card program is one of the ways we live up to those values.

We’re eager to answer any questions you have about the card and how to take advantage of the discounts it provides. Call us at (843) 369-2211 to find out more or visit

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