It really works! is a power awareness program that helps users save money and the environment.


More than 500 Horry Electric members are keeping  up with and tracking  the amount of energy they use!, a FREE service provided to members by Horry Electric Cooperative, is a power awareness program that helps users save money and the environment by promoting energy conservation.  

“Our members who have signed up to monitor their account through have a definite advantage over those who haven’t,” says Ricky Lowder, senior marketing representative for Horry Electric. “We’re hearing from more and more members who have signed up, have been watching their daily use and who are using the resources we provide to figure out how they can reduce the amount of energy they’re using every day.”

“This service has made  an impact on the awareness of participating members,” says Eddy Blackburn,  marketing analyst for the cooperative. “In the old days, we had to explain how to read a dial meter and give instructions on how to figure out how much they used each day or during a specific time period,” he continues, adding that members would often forget or get tired of the process of keeping track of the numbers. “Now, all they have to do is access their information on the Internet or, they can even set up their account so a message about their daily use is delivered directly to their e-mail box.” 

Horry Electric announced the availability of the program in June. “In a matter of just a few days, more than 400 people signed up,” says Lowder. 

As a result, phones at the cooperative have been ringing and the volume of traffic on has increased. “Members are looking at how much energy they are using and they’re making an effort to do what they can to reduce the amount they’re using each day,” he adds. “Some of it is behavior modification and some of it is making energy improvements.” 

“Regardless of which it is that needs to be adjusted to reduce the amount of energy members are using on a daily basis, we’re pointing them in the direction of and so,they’ll have easy access to all the tools they need to decide exactly what it is they need to do in their household,” says Blackburn. 

Monitoring use on a daily basis has other advantages. “If you notice the amount of kWh you’re using increases dramatically in a short time, there might be something in your home malfunctioning and causing the extra kWh,” says Lowder, adding that heatstrips are usually the cause. 

The other situation that comes to mind is if you’re away from home and your power goes out for some reason,” says Blackburn. “If you’re monitoring your use through, you’d be able to see that and call us to restore service to the meter and then you could get a neighbor, relative or friend to check inside the house for possible signs of problems.” 

Signing up is easy. All you have to do is visit and follow the step-by-step instructions. When you land on the home page for, you’ll see there is an option for two diffferent types of accounts. Skip those two links and go directly to the third option to set up an account with 

You don’t have to be on the Internet via your desktop or laptop to receive information or monitor your energy use through They have mobile applications for the iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile. There is also a Facebook application for the service. 


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