Are you signed up to monitor?

Nearly 300 members of Horry Electric Cooperative, Inc. have signed up to watch their daily energy use through a new service provided FREE to members.  Signing up is easy. Just visit and then click on in the Quick Links box on the right-hand side of the page.     

Energy use on this account has been relative to the daily temperatures.


Once you get signed up, you’ll have access to information about the amount of energy you’re using on a daily basis, plus you’ll be able to view your daily use for the last 30 days. The green bars in the graph show the amount of kWh used and the red line with the dots reflects the average temperature for each day.     

When you set up your account, you can establish alert settings for your daily use, as well as for use that exceeds a limit you specify as being average use for your household or business.  You can even set up multiple e-mail address to which the information is sent and the time of day notification is made. is a power awareness program that helps users save money and the environment by promoting energy conservation. To sign up, you’ll need your account number, your meter number and an e-mail address.  Once you initiate the creation of an account, an e-mail with a code to confirm your e-mail address will be sent to you.  It is at that point in the process you will need your account number and your meter number. If you have problems during this process, please contact us.

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