Horryelectric.com has a new look; functionality remains

Horry Electric Cooperative unveiled a newly designed horryelectric.com earlier today. While the appearance has changed dramatically, the functionality remains in place for visitors and frequent users of the site.

Members still have the ability to access their account and make a payment through ‘My Account’ .  A direct link to Western Union Speedpay is also still available for members who want to go directly to an online payment option without having to go through the process of logging in through ‘My Account’.

Members can continue reporting problems with street or security lights by logging in through ‘My Account’ or, for the sake of convenience, accessing a reporting mechanism on the home page of horryelectric.com.

“Aside from a few content issues and the logistics of actually transferring the site, the launch of the new design has been fairly smooth,” says Penelope Hinson, manager of public relations, marketing and energy management, “The experience is a lot like moving all of your belongings from a home you’ve occupied for a several years to a completely new home,” she says, stressing that getting everything in place is going to take just a little extra  time and patience on the part of the cooperative, as well as on the part of visitors to the site. 

Horry Electric Cooperative expects the transition process from the old site to the new horryelectric.com to be complete before the end of the week.

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