Want to know how much energy you used yesterday?

How about the day before? 

Last week? 

With Horry Electric’s new service, provided FREE to members, you can now keep up with and track the amount of energy you use!

Myusage.com is a power awareness program that helps users save money and the environment by promoting energy conservation.

“We’ve looked at being able to offer this for some time, ” says Eddy Blackburn, marketing analyst for Horry Electric Cooperative. “The research shows that on average, people will use less energy if they can keep track of how much energy they’re using every day,” he continued.

“We talk to a lot of members who are shocked when they get a bill and see how much energy they’ve used during a billing period,” says Jodi Braziel, office manager for Horry Electric. A billing period, she explains, is normally for about 30 days of service. “Electricity is a product that you can’t really see or touch and you don’t know how much you’re using until the bill comes and it’s too late to do anything about it at that point.”

That’s not the case with MyUsage.com.

“Members who sign up to monitor their account through MyUsage.com will have an advantage,” she continued. “They’ll be able to check their energy use each day and can even set up their account so that the information is delivered directly to their e-mail account.”  Users of the program can also set up their account so they’re notified when the amount of electricity they’re using on a particular day exceeds the amount they normally use. 

“Based on the results some of our sister cooperatives across the country are reporting their members are experiencing, the research isn’t just a sales pitch,” says Blackburn. “A co-op in Oklahoma recently reported 85% of their members had told the co-op they were being more conservative with their individual use of electricity,” he continued. “They ran the numbers and saw that most people were using 14% LESS electricity after they started monitoring their use .”

Being able to keep an eye on exactly what you use  is good for conservation purposes, but it can come in handy for other reasons. “If you notice the amount of kWh you’re using each day increases dramatically in a short time, there might be something in your home malfunctioning and causing the extra use,” says Gail Morton, supervisor of the service department at Horry Electric, adding that heat strips are typically the cause.

“The other situation that comes to mind is if you’re away from home and your power goes out for some reason,” says Blackburn.  “If you’re monitoring your use through myUsage.com, you’d be able to see that and call us to restore the service to the meter and then you could make arrangements to get a neighbor, relative or friend to check on your house for possible problems inside.”

Signing up for the free service is easy.  All you have to do is visit myUsage.com and follow the step-by-step instructions.  “When you land on the home page for MyUsage.com, you’ll see there is an option for two different types of accounts,” explains Braziel.  “Skip those two links and go directly to the third option to set up an account with MyUsage.com.”

You don’t have to be on the Internet via your desktop or laptop to receive information or monitor your energy use through MyUsage.com.  “They have mobile applications for the iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile,” says Morton, adding there is also a Facebook application for the service.  “And all that access is on top of being able to set up an alert  delivered to your e-mail account.”

MyUsage.com is a FREE service offered by Horry Electric Cooperative.

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