Action Alert – Our Energy, Our Future

Congress is responsible for determining any climate change legislation — it should not be left to the Environmental Protection Agency to determine
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is currently considering proposals to regulate greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act. The author of the Clean Air Act stated this would result in a “glorious mess” as it was never intended nor designed to regulate these emissions.
It is the responsibility of Congress to determine any climate change legislation, not EPA.
To communicate with Congress, all you have to do is visit and select ‘Contact Elected Officials’.  Enter your zip code in the space provided and a page with the appropriate information will be generated. You can choose to e-mail your communication or print it out in letter format to be mailed.
The letter generated for you urges Congress to step in and prevent EPA from using the Clean Air Act as a tool for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It’s the role of Congress to determine greenhouse gas policy that is fair and affordable for all Americans.
If the U.S. Representative or U.S. Senator you are contacting already supports legislation to prevent EPA from regulating greenhouse gas emissions, a “thank you” message will be sent to them. 
A link to is also available on

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