‘Together We Save’ is the theme for 2010 event

MAKING OUR HOMES as energy-efficient as possible can add up to big savings on energy costs and that’s the message behind Horry Electric’s 2010 Annual Meeting theme – Together We Save. “Little changes can add up to big savings,” says Garrett Gasque, one of Horry Electric’s marketing representatives. “We communicate this to our members throughout the year, but Annual Meeting time is an excellent time to try to drive the message home,” he added.

Employees will all be wearing t-shirts displaying the Together We Save logo on the front and Little changes, big savings on the back. The highlight of the exhibit area will be a Help My House display designed and built by The Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina. “We want to show members just what changes they can make that will add up to savings,” says Gasque.

“Members are encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting, but you need to also be aware there are several helpful tools always available on horryelectric.com that are designed to help you understand where and how energy is used in your home,” says Gasque, adding, “Plus, how you can use it more wisely.”

The featured and most used tool by visitors to the site is the Home Energy Calculator. “Once you click on this link, you’ll be asked to select what type of Internet connection you have so the system will load the most user-friendly application for the speed of your connection,” explains Ricky Lowder, senior marketing representative for the Cooperative. With the interactive house, you can go on a room-by-room energy-efficiency tour that includes a laundry area, as well as the attic.

There are also several efficiency information programs available through Touchstone Energy on horryelectric.com. The list includes Energy Efficient House, Light Bulb Energy Saver, Water Heater Saver, Home and Commercial Energy Savings Guides, a ‘Seal the Deal’ Do-It-Yourself Video and the Touchstone Energy Kids Zone. The Water Heater Saver and the Light Bulb Energy Saver links are both popular with Horry Electric members.

“The tools are useful and offer valuable tips to members,” says Eddy Blackburn, marketing analyst for Horry Electric Cooperative. “Our goal is to help members learn how they can make their individual homes more energy efficient without sacrificing comfort.”

The Annual Meeting of Members is scheduled for Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center. Registration is from noon until 7 p.m. The business meeting will begin at 7 p.m. and the prize drawing is scheduled to begin immediately after conclusion of the business meeting. You must be present to win, so be sure to attend the 2010 Annual Meeting of Members!

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