Lost your Co-op Connections Card?

Don’t worry about it! 

  The Co-op Connections site has been enhanced to provide quick and easy access to the pharmacy discount for our members.  In short, they’ve programmed a printable card option on the site.  It will showcase our co-op’s name and pharmacy discount information, so no link to the co-op is lost.

To access the printable card, members need to go to our home page and click on the Co-op Connections ‘quick link’. On the left side of every page on the Co-op Connections site, they will see a small, yellow button labeled “Pharmacy Discount”.  This section provides info and handy links so that cardholders can learn more about that aspect of the program.  Once they click the button they are taken here:


In the middle of the next page, an image of a sample “paper card” will encourage members to click and print their own card.  This is useful if their plastic card has been lost or is not available for any reason.  They are prompted to key-in their name and select their cooperative and can then print a paper card from their home or office.  This paper version will be accepted by participating pharmacies and functions just like the plastic card.  Better yet, our co-op still gets credit for the use and it will be calculated in our total monthly Rx savings data.  This is meant to be a temporary fix, but can help members in need of filling a prescription right away.

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