New tool for teachers

COLUMBIA, SC – The Central Electric Power Cooperative along with partners Santee Cooper, The Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina Electric, the South Carolina Energy Office, and Office of Regulatory Staff have  launched  The web site is designed to support teachers in the education of grade school age children about the how electricity is generated, electric energy conservation and efficiency and how South Carolina is using renewable resources to produce electricity.

Together, Central and the local co-op organizations will work with teachers in their communities to use the web site in the building of lesson plans and training students to use the web site as a resource for information. The web site is designed to be a resource for finding activities, lesson plans and resources that correspond with the South Carolina Department of Education Standards for science. The goal is to combine the existing state standards in science with information about electric energy generation used in South Carolina such as Hydro Electric, Bio-Mass, Wind Power, Nuclear Energy and Coal.

“The Palmetto Power Program was designed to help member co-ops educate teachers and students about the efforts in using renewable sources to produce electricity which are environmentally responsible, offset or reduce CO2 and other emissions, and which are economically reasonable to our members,” said Ron Calcaterra President and CEO of Central Electric. “The Central Electric Board of Directors and our partners on this project feel it’s important to provide this information to teachers and students in a easy to use format. Our hope is that the web site becomes an online community for the exchange of information between the co-ops and teachers and that exchange of information will educate students about energy conservation, efficiency and the steps the co-ops are taking to use renewable resources to accomplish those goals in South Carolina.”

In addition to the launch of the web site, teacher workshops will be held in the local co-op communities to train teachers on how best to utilize this new resource and answer any questions about content and lesson plans.

About the Palmetto Power Program
Palmetto Power is an educational program and a web community designed to help with the education of students about the importance of energy conservation and efficiency as well as how the electric cooperatives in South Carolina are using economically viable renewable resources to generate electricity. The Program is a joint effort by Central Electric Power Cooperative, Santee Cooper, The Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina, The South Carolina Energy Office, and the South Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff

Source:  The Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina

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